Thursday, February 7, 2008

Different Plans

God has different plans for us.

Some of you already know that I went to the doctor last week, and there was this perfect little baby in the perfect gestational sac, and a perfect little yolk sac. The problem was that there was no cardiac activity. That means the baby's heart had stopped beating. Now, doing what I do everyday as my career - I see this all the time. I know that it happens. I know there is nothing I did to cause it and nothing I could do to prevent it. Either way - when it's you and your own body and this baby that you created, it hurts. I have been getting better and better as days go by... and although I am still sad, I know it has happened for a reason.

God has other ways of taking care of us too.

Yesterday I had another check up to see how things were going and planned on scheduling surgery for next week to speed up the recovery process and the agonizing wait.... Well.... Evidentally, I had a fever when I arrived yesterday - I felt completely fine. No sickness symptoms or anything. Well, I was told that I would be having surgery that day - no excuses, no questions asked. I had a fever. That is very dangerous. My body was becoming infected from the non-living baby inside of me. What would have happened if I had waited until next week? Anyways, so I had the surgery - did fine, and now am just recovering - very very sore - but feel okay and my spirits are high! I am doing good.

Thanks for all the prayers and concerns over the past week or so. We appriciate it!

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