Saturday, May 10, 2008

UGA vs. Ole Miss

So LAST Friday, Finally, after Abby was over her sickness, and the day before mine started, we took Abby to her first baseball game! Instead of spending a lot of money and a lot more time going to a Braves game, we decided we would go see UGA play. It really was nice, and only 6 $ a ticket for me and Ben! We didn't get to stay the entire game because it was getting past little miss Abby Grace's bedtime, but UGA won! Here's a few pictures of the game.


April said...

Wow it sounds like you are ready for a break! Shingles...? I tried to get the vaccine because I was scared of getting that since I had the chicken pox when I was little...and they said they only give the vaccine to people over like 50 cause thats when people develop shingles. Maybe I can find someone else who can do the vaccine now, if Ben got it anyone our age can surely get it. And I have heard it can be pretty bad! Once you start feeling better give me a call! You and Abby look so alike! Love the pictures! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

The Carter's said...

LOVE Mommy and Baby pictures....Very beautiful!

Todd and Kariann