Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I want to remember at this stage in Abby's life

Abby just is 21 months old now - she'll be two in November, and I just want to remember things she's saying and doing now...

"Dor-Da" (Dora - Her Absolute FAVORITE)
"Buuusssee" (Boots - from Dora)
"Pass" (Pacci)
"Hold-Shu" (Hold you - when she wants us to hold her)
"P-V" (TV - only when we're in the car will she say this)
"Nigh-Nigh" (Night Night)
"Of-ya" (Love you)
"Futt-Fie" (Butterfly)
"Fow-wer" (Flower)
"Ma-Mow" (Grandma)
"Ma-Paw" (Grandpa)
"Nanny" (Granny) - she says Pawpaw perfect
"Bi-Bir-d" (Big Bird)
"El-mo" (Elmo)
"Baff" (Bath)
"Teese" (Teeth)
"Manties" (Panties)
"Acc-souse" (Applesauce)
"Me-han" (Megan)
"Ash" (Ashley)
"Dad-dial" (Daniel)
"Maf-few" (Matthew)
"Geor-gial" (Rachel)
"Nyan" (Bryan)
"Esh-Esh" (Alisha)
"Op-opps" (Flip-flops) - the girl LOVES shoes...
"Mimmin" (Swimming)
"Osh" (Ocean)
"Staw" (Straw)
"Mo" (More)
"Neen-beans" (Green Beans)
"Harse" (Horse)
"Key-Kat" (Kitty Cat)
"Moos" (Cows)
"Dow- Dogs" (Go Dawgs) - anytime she sees anything Georgia related: red, G, Uga, etc...

She says "juice, cup, apples, Mommy, Daddy, Pawpaw, Papa, Nana, Nick, Sydney, Cassie, Cheese, Purse, and Church " Perfect. Just like they are spelled or close to it.

  • She tells EVERYONE to "SIT" and she'll pat the floor, chair, step, wherever she is sitting.
  • She will use ANYONE's cellphone - look at you, and hold it up, and say cheese - she thinks all cellphone take pictures.
  • She loves ring around the rosies - and she'll turn in circles herself and say "Posey, Posey, Ash, Ash" then she'll fall down and just laugh...
  • She LOVES purses, bags, etc...she'll carry around two of my old vera purses, a gift bag full of toys, a bag from a store (like walmart or whatever) usually with shoes in them, and a bag that her float came in (while unflated) - she'll carry them around - she looks like a little bag lady, and then climb onto her fourwheeler and say bye bye and take off until she runs into something. It's so funny. She still doesn't do well with turning the wheels, or getting off and moving or turning around when she runs into something, instead she sits there and pushes the button and moves herself, as if to give a little nudge to the fourwheeler.

I'm sure there are tons of other things she says and does, but I can't remember them all now.


Holly said...

Don't you just love the little things? I want to remember every single thing, but there's just too many :)

Todd, Kari, Anna and Gracie said...

It sounds like this will be a wonderful memory you will have when she grows up. I have put down pretty much everything my children have done or said....and everytime I go back to brings tears to my eyes. They grow up so fast! Abby has such a big vocab for her age!! She is a smart little girl.