Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Okay, so after finding out Thursday that the baby I was carrying had passed away, Saturday Ben and I went to the UGA game! I had the BEST, BEST time EVER!!! It was awsome. Loved it. Can't wait to go back. It was HOT (literally)...but oh so fun.
The new UGA. UGA VII's Debut!Sunday after Abby and Ben went to church (I stayed home) Abby started throwing up. Yuck. If you know me, that's just something I cannot handle. I did okay - the first 5 times it happened - then Mama came over to calm me down/help me out. Needless to say, by 8 pm, I was a nervous wreck. Mama stayed the night so Ben and I could get some sleep - well Ben, I layed in bed, tossing and turning, getting up every so often to check on abby, even though I knew my mom was FULLY CAPABLE of handeling her. I felt guilty, but I so wanted to run away! Terrible feeling - wanting to be there to hold and cuddle and make my little one all better, but shaking, stomach in knots, worried SICK, praying for her to get better, all at the same time wasn't working. Anyways, my mom left the next morning (yesterday) and we did okay with Abby the rest of the day - the vomiting was mostly over - then today. Surgery scheduled at 2:30 - i had to be at the hospital by 12:30. Abby was still a little yucky, but better, so Ben's mom has her for the night. My mom, dad, and Ben were all at the hospital with me for the surgery. We came home around 7PM tonight. I though maybe "breakfast" from waffle house would be good for my stomach, (considering I wasn't allowed to eat after midnight last night, and I was so worried sick since Sunday, i hadn't eaten anything since breakfast sun. morning. Well, ben ate, and guess what I'm doing? Locked away in Abby's room (she's still with Ben's mom) the house all sanitized, trying to stay calm and not over-do myself (I mean I just got out of surgery) and trying not to hear Ben getting sick on the other end of the house. Yuck. Now Ben's sick. And I'm not any better about dealing with him either. I want to make sure he's okay and make him feel better, but all I can do is shake, my stomach in knots, pray even harder now. I hope he's okay, and doing better. And I hope and pray that I don't get it too. I'm supposed to be "off duty" and "off my feet" and etc..... Will it ever end. Please say a prayer. Please?!

By the way, the surgery went okay. It took a little longer than last time. I lost a lot of blood, so the tested me and found out I am pretty anemic, so I had to stay longer tonight and make sure I was going to be okay before they let me go home. The baby is big enough this time that they are gonna check it and see if there was anything wrong with the baby (like genetic, or Down's syndrome, or other stuff) - which I don't think was the case, but it might make me feel a little more at ease about it. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers....continue to pray for my little family. Let me know that it will all be okay.........

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