Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New to this...

Hi to all. I am new to this blogging stuff, but it has quickly become a little addictive. I hope I can convince some of my closest friends that this is way better than myspace or facebook - no harm intended.

Abby news: She's now 10 months old and we can't believe it! She's so sweet and funny. She crawls everywhere and is into EVERYTHING right now. She pulls up on everything and decides to throw whatever is there off and into the floor - ie: from the coffee table this morning, she decided to pull off all her books, a parenting magazine, and a candle...I prob. should move the laptop pretty soon.

I am working so much lately that I have little time for much else - I work m, tue, thurs, and e/o fri at Maternal Gynerations in Lawrenceville - only half days. I work every Wed. at Dr. Gordon's office in Conyers, and then the "other" fridays - I work at Dr. Larrimore's office here in Covington. We just accepted/hired a new pastor at our church and we can't be more excited. This past Sunday was the first time most of the congregation heard him preach, and it was really amazing. I can't tell you the last time I saw soo many people just go down to the alter even to pray. We also had two people saved at invitation time. WOW. This was before he had "won" the votes of the church. That pretty much speaks for itself. He and his wife come from a huge church in Tennesse. We are just so happy and excited!

Oh and just for a little more excitement... we found out Friday that my sister-in-law, Rachel is preggo and is due April 9 - so Abby will have a little cousin in the spring. YAY!

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