Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Car Trouble

Okay. So Sunday I went to visit a close friend of mine and her sweet baby boy Caleb. He's at Egeslton, Children's Hospital. He is sooo beautiful and of course, soo soo sweet. It was good to see them again. So my parents were keeping Abby Grace and after I picked her up, we were on the way home and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I got in a wreck! AH! I rear-ended someone. No, Believe it or not, I was NOT following too close, I was NOT on the phone, the radio wasn't even on - Me and Abby were just "chatting". I noticed the cars ahead of me slowing down, so I started too. Then before I knew it - they were all slamming on their brakes. I put my foot on the FLOOR and still couldn't stop. I tried again. No such luck, so I started swerving off into the grass to the right, but still did NOT miss the car in front of me. Abby was fine the whole time, Thank God. I was only sore a little for a couple of days, but I feel pretty much fine now. They had to tow my car - even though it wasn't all that much damage. I'm driving a rental - which is actually kinda nice. Bad news - I still got a ticket. :( I still have to pay 500 $$$ deductible. AND, my insurance is now going to go up. UGH.

Here's some pictures of Abby Grace Saturday during the Georgia/Tenn. Game. Even though we lost - BAD.

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