Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Working Mommy

I'm sitting at work today. Kind of slow. If any of you know me, you know that I do not mind working AT ALL, I would just rather be at home with Abby. I miss her so much and I feel like I'm not even a mommy until the 2 days on the weekend when I get to see her. That's sad, huh. I wish we were financially okay enough for me to just work my ONE wednesday a week - and I could fill in at Dr. Larrimore's when needed. Maybe one day. I take Abby to my mother-in-law's - she tells me - "oh, we're going to so and so, or we're going here and there." I'm MAD, JEALOUS, and So So SAD! It's not that I mind my mother-in-law. I am so appriciative for what she does for us by keeping Abby. I'm just upset that she gets to spend EACH day with Abby and I don't. When I pick up Abby-she's cranky. She's sleepy, so she fusses the only time we have together until she goes to bed. I can't stand that. I don't know what to do. My house is a wreck. I haven't cooked dinner in many days. I am NEVER home. I may get off at 5pm, but I dont make it home until after 615. Some days it's as late as 645! UGH. I need prayer I think. I pray and have prayed - other "worries" have been taken away from me, and I am grateful for that. This one subject seems to never leave. I would like to work from home - doing something productive. Like I LOVE making invitations or announcements. Any ideas about how I could join a company doing that from home? You all know my passion for photography. I am counting on that solving my problems, but the problem is that - that may be several years from now before I am a productive, sucessful photographer. ANY IDEAS or SUGGESTIONS?

I have yet to watch all the sesaon premiere's even from last week! That's how behind I am. I did watch Grey's Anatomy and was a little "frazzeled" for a moment. Disappointed at times, but glad it's back on air. I still have to watch: Ugly Betty, ER, NCIS, House, Desperate Housewives, and Private Practice. Maybe one day I'll get to them. I'll blog more later - just got a patient.

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Lindsey said...

Bless your heart! It will all work out in God's time. I missed Grey's last week, but I got to see Private Practice and really liked it. You'll need tissues for last night's episode!