Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Monday and Memories

So, I had to take Abby back to the doctor again today. After 2 rounds of antibiotics, she still has a double ear infection and now also a sinus infection. She had to get an "antibiotic" shot today, and then another one tomorrow AND Wednesday. Maybe that'll kick the illness in the rear. Abby's birthday party is Saturday - I hope she feels better fast. On that note, also, I can't believe how time has flown...I was just thinking about this time last year - I was here sorting, and putting up all the great gifts I got from my church family and friends - the shower was "today" (a year ago) - and I remember someone telling me that they went into labor the night after their church shower a few years ago....I remember being like yeah, right - I've still got a little more than a month to go. Little did I know that she would be here within the week. WOW. Everything happened so fast and so unexpected - I can't remember everything. I do remember certain things. I know Ben took me out on that Tuesday night - for my "last meal" (our schedule was going to be booked up until due date) - we went to Longhorns, and then as a special treat for me - because I absolutely LOVE the store - we went to Babies R Us and bought some things that we didn't get at showers that we thought we needed. We got Bruster's Icecream afterwards on the way home. It was THE most perfect date. :) I know later that night, I had a hard time sleeping - not feeling well due to acid reflux. Wednesday, I felt really nauseated all day - I went to work even though I felt really bad. Even my co-workers noticed that I was looking a little sickly - they made me sit down at one point and check my blood pressure and also pee in a cup to check my urine for signs of preeclampsia. It was all totally FINE. We had Thanksgiving dinner that night at church, and I remember it was absolutely FREEZING - and I didn't feel good still but I got by. I didn't sleep much that night either . Thursday, though I felt really back to as normal as I could - went to work. I had a regular check up that afternoon. I went straight to the doctor's office right after work - knowing my cervix had already started dilating from the two weeks before- I was already a 3 at this visit. Well, from there I never made it home. I was sent straight to the hospital. So I "waddled" over to the Birth Care Center in my scrubs thinking I was going home within 30 minutes (according to my midwife) - but within 15 mins. of being there - I was shocked to learn that I was NOT going home. I was going to be induced, because I was, in fact, preeclampsic. YAY - I don't think so. I couldn't sit up. I wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom. I was too nervous to eat OR sleep. But the next day, at 4:00 PM I gave birth to Abby Grace. All 6lbs 7oz. and 18 inches of her. She was perfect. She was beautiful. I was elated. Thinking about all of this makes me sad that my little baby is growing up. But I am happy to think of all the fun stuff that awaits us. I'll write more later in the week. Here's a quick picture from this weekend when she was feeling okay.


The Partins said...

Hi Heather, thanks for posting on my blog. What is your maiden name... you don't have any pictures of you on here, so I'm not sure which Heather you are.

Your baby girl is ADORABLE!!!

Katrina said...

Aw, poor Abby...and poor you! Sure hope the antibiotic shots do the trick and that she feels better very soon. We've gone through that too - antibiotics...then the shots... and it seems that they feel miserable for so long...and it's so hard to watch.

I enjoyed reading your memories from a year ago too. Time really does fly by!

April said...

I can't believe she is almost a year old! Are you doing the party for her with the little "baby cake" and everything? 1 year exciting! Man, I need to have some kids soon...I got baby fever majorly- Here's hoping it happens soon :) I enjoyed reading your memories as well. Having a baby is a life changing event and it's sweet you two had one good pre-baby date. Talk to you soon!