Monday, November 5, 2007

First Monday at Home

Boy, did we have a weekend! Saturday, we went to Parker's First Birthday Party - it was outside and pretty chilly....Saturday night, Abby started acting like she felt bad again. We got MAYBE about 2 hours of sleep - that's all the 5 min naps throughout the night - it was THE longest night EVER, (b/c the time fell back) - and I was SO looking foward to be able to sleep an hour longer! Anyways, I guess getting a little cold on Saturday caused a little BAD cold for Abby because she now has snot running down her face, she's keeping a fever - (low grade) - and she's cranky. On top of an ear infection that she's still battling. She's a little better today - not quite as fussy. Not as much yucky snot. (I know - gross). So went out for a little while - and after we got back home, I was looking at these adorable little dresses and I noticed I didn't hear Abby playing - so I go to her room to find her and she is standing with a box of diapers - pulling them out of the wrapper! She's a mess. It's my fault for not putting them up to begin with I guess - I was just in a hurry earlier, and needed one, so I grabbed one from there. Oh well. I am going to see if I am capable of making a little dress for Abby like I mentioned above....Until Later...

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