Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Okay, it's been a while, and I just want to "record" a few of the things Abby is saying and doing right now. She's two years old.

Last night she wandered into our bedroom so we put her in the bed with us and she was very play-full. I rolled over so my back was to her (trying to discourage her from playing) and she continued to kind-of jump on me and play and try to tickle me. Well, she stuck her little foot under my bottom, and then proceeded to yell - "no, no, no...don't sit on me! Mama, don't sit on my foot!" I laughed out loud and told her I wasn't sitting on her! She yelled again "Mama, don't sit on my foot!" I told her that I wasn't and to just move her foot. Her voice then lowered to almost a whisper and said "Mama, don't sit on me again." I laughed again and just said okay.

She thinks it's funny when she lays on someone else's bed and she says that she's on _____'s side. She has actually "made" my parents switch sides of the bed when she has stayed the night the last few times. (Don't ask me why a 2 year old can "make" a pair of 50-something year olds do something....) :)

She will sing for you.

- Deep and Wide
"Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide..." She also does the hand signs for it (she's been doing this one for a while now)

- Away in the Manger
"Sing way in the mager, sing way in the mager, sing way in the mager..." She sings this as she is swaying back in forth.

- Jingle Bells
"jen-gal bells, jen-gal bells, jen-gal bells - don't know." At which point she stops singing and looks at you.

Things she's saying:

- Happy Birp-bay
- Merry Chris-mas
- Happy New Wear
- Happy Holly-days
- Santi Claus
- Piwow (Pillow)
- Meman (Megan)
- Tinker-pot (Stinker-pot is what Grandma calls Megan)
- Magin-movers (Imagination Movers - a show on Disney)
- Nanny (is how she still pronounces Granny)
- Mam-maw (is how she still pronounces Grandma)
- Header (She actually calls my name occasionally)
- BEN! (She yells ben a lot, or she'll say "Hey Ben")
- Come see me
- Show me som-tin
- Com-mere (Come Here)
- Pull-it (pull up)
- wittle (Little)
- miss tata head (Mrs. Potatoe Head - she got for Christmas)
- sket-os (spegettioes)
- poopie (you get the picture...)
- Obert (Robert)
- Purdy (Pretty) - and many, many, people and things are "Purdy" (me, Daddy, Matt, "Isha", Nanny, Pawpaw, our house, our mailbox, etc..........)
-Isha - (Alisha)
-Bew - wa (Isabella)

She counts - sort of: "One, Two, Six, Three, Four, Five!" (she's almost got it!)
She knows her birthday: "Junevember seven-teeth" (November 17th)
She can say her full name: "Abby Grace Malnom" (Malcom)

She is saying a lot of sentances - but some of them are "broken". This morning she asked me to pick up something she dropped and she said "pick up me" (meaning pick up for me).

She will "fuss" with you - mostly with her grandpa's....

Pawpaw: "Go Bama!"

Abby: "No, Go Dawgs!" (That's our girl....)

As a black crow flies over head...

Papa (Malcom): "Abby look up there - it's a crow."

Abby: "Nah-uh, it's a bird."

Papa: "No, it's a crow!"

Abby: "No, it's a bird!"

And they did that for a while....

This Christmas, she's been all about "Baby Jesus" and when she says it is sounds so sweet. It's the sweetest thing you've ever heard! She has a "Baby Jesus" CD that stays in my car, and she'll ask to listen to it often. She loves to look at the Christmas lights and esp. any manger scenes. She likes snowmen too.

She got glasses on Dec. 15th. We noticed a couple of months ago that her eyes were crossing randomly, so we were sent to a pediatric opthamologist. We thought she just had a "lazy" eye but the doctor said that Abby was having a hard time seeing up close - so when she tried to focus on things, her eyes crossed, so she now has cute TINY little glasses (I think there are a couple of pics from my last post). But she's doing good. She only messes with them when she's bored (like esp. in the car). Her eyes seem normal when she's got them on, but as soon as you take them off we notice her eyes crossing again.

She's truely a joy to have around and seems to be the center of attention wherever we go.

I'm sure there are many, many other things she's doing and saying right now, I just can't remember what....If you have anything that I should add, just leave a comment! Wishing ALL a happy new year!

UPDATED: So "Aunt" Ashley reminded me about Blainey. Blainey is a beagle puppy. Ashley got her ummm.... a month and a half ago or so?? So, yeah, Blainey was TINY. And Abby was TERRIFIED of her. She would cry and run and jump into anyone's arms, or jump onto the couch, chair, etc...whenever Blainey was around.... Well that all changed Christmas night. She decided she like Blainey and runs through the house saying "Blainey, come chase me.... Blainey, Chase me." And she won't keep her hands off of her! We have to MAKE her leave Blainey alone! Blainey is probably like "please get this kid away from me!!!" Oh, and I forgot to mention that for days and days she'd call Blainey "muffin" which is the name of Ashley's other dog - that she's had for a while....

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