Monday, January 5, 2009


So I never knew having a girl would bring so much DRAMA! and at two!!!

A couple of nights ago, Ben and I were both at my parents house (and Abby too) but we were in two cars. When it was time to leave, Abby said she wanted to ride with "daddy". So he put her in his ("Go Dawgs Truck") - Ben's truck and she decided then that she wanted to ride with me instead. He said no, so she started crying until we put her in my car (Yes, she is a LITTLE spoiled...) :)

Well Ben pulls out, I'm right behind him and without a single tear running down her face, the conversation follows:

A: "Mommy, Me not feel good".
M: "What's wrong Abby?"
A: "Me upset."

The ENTIRE time she's telling me this - she is totally sniffing and huffing, like she's sobbing! And it was all just an act (just because she had been upset!) My child!

Then the same night we got home, she had to go potty, so Ben took her to the bathroom and let her go potty - Then she proceeds to tell Ben "No, Daddy, don't come in here. Don't come in here!" Ben leaves the bathroom and is laughing and comes to tell me what she's saying. I go back with him to hear, and plain as day, he walks in and she says again "Daddy, don't come in here....don't come in here!" Then she sees me and says "Mommy, come see me, Daddy don't come in here!"

DRAMA at TWO!!!! :)

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