Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy, busy...

We have been sooo busy lately! Lots of stuff going on - most importantly, we are SO BLESSED!! Both the girls LOVE each other sooo much. Melts my heart. :)

Allie is a fussy baby :( But we love her none the less. We found out that she has a milk protein allergy and so we've been trying to get that fixed - getting formulas straightened out... Then they put her on reflux medicine - and since then it seems like she has spit up more than she has her entire life! And now, because of the formula, she is constipated. Just lots of tummy troubles... POOR BABY!!!

Abby is such a daddy's girl lately. She has started dance (ballet, tap, and tumbling). She looks so cute. We got to stand in her first class and all of us moms just laughed our heads off! She was sooo funny!!! She made a friend, Kailey, and now her mom and I are friends. I'll have to post pictures of both the girls later.

Some things about Abby Gracie:
- Anytime she introduces herself, it's not just Abby, it's "Abby Grace Malcom".
- She knows how to spell her first name, and can almost write it.
- She is either really loud and outgoing or bashful and "mean" ... for example, many times while we are out, she will say "Mama! I just said hey to that lady, but she didn't say anything back! Why is she in a bad mood?" (I have to remind her to keep it quiet...) Then other times, someone will say hello to her and comment on how cute she is or her little glasses, and she'll look away and give them mean looks.
- This past Sunday at church, she told me she has a "new friend. and he's a boy, momma". Then she told me that she told him her phone number (which was her spelling of her name) and when I told her that wasn't her number, that was how you spell her name, she said "well, can you go tell my new friend what my phone number is so he can call me?" Then we got home and she asked Ben if "her new friend can come over to play." FUNNY
- She is all about disney and princesses right now (what little girl isn't!)
- ...Abby's asleep on the couch, Allie's in the floor playing. Every time Allie makes a noise, Abby yells "HOoold ON!" .... Totally Asleep. It's funny. :)
- Anytime she sees a flag, she calls it an "Obama flag." (She def. knows who our president is...)
- VBS was this past week, also. Abby went into the pre-K class and did just fine. Their little program at the end of the week was cute. She isn't scared of performing...

Some things about Allie:
- at 5 months she weighed 13lbs. 6oz. and was 25inches long
- she can sit up supported, stand supported, and can only sit unsupported for a couple of seconds
- she can roll from her belly to her back, and tries sooo hard to do it the other way
- she is eating Soy formula (after trying many others)
- she still hasn't eaten any baby food yet. (they wont let her)
- I can tell she's interested in eating, though - because she watches me and everyone eat and you can tell she wants some...
- she acts like she is teething - drooling constantly and chewing on EVERYTHING, but no teeth yet - no buds, no swollen gums...
- Memorial day she got into the pool for the first time and screamed like crazy. DID NOT LIKE IT

My girls are great. I love being a mommy to two sweet girls!

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Jennifer Eoff said...

The girls are beautiful! I usually read your post in Google Reader so this was the first time I saw the new look... I love it!