Monday, June 28, 2010

Words from a three and a half year old...

So...busy as usual. Can't ever seem to catch up. Clean one room really well, walk into another one, and it's as if I just threw everything from one room to another. (and NO, i don't do that anymore! There's no "room" for anything much else...) I used to get sooo mad at my mama, well, not mad, but just like any other kid, other than my hubby, and my littlest brother, I didn't like to clean. I'm still that way. Now, I LIKE for things to BE clean, just don't like doing it. When I was in high school, and my brothers were I guess in elementary or middle school? ... I found a quote, and gave it to my mom on a stick it. To this day it hangs on the refridgerator at my mom's house. "Cleaning a house while children are growing is like shovleing snow while it is snowing." It's the truth, though, right?? I'm saying all of this to tell my sweet Abby I'm sorry for telling her to clean up all the time, an to tell mama, that I'm sorry for not cleaning up more.
So Abby is still taking her dance class, and she loves it! She is so funny and her and Kailey (the other little girl I talked about before) are definatly the best of friends.

Abby fell out of her bed last night, and she was crying, and Ben was already in there, so I ask her "well, did you hit anything?" (meaning, did you hit the rail, or the table, or anything like that..) Her response: "yeaaaahhhh, ...sob, sob,..... I hit the flooooooorrrr!!!!"
I couldn't help but laugh. :)

Lately Abby has been swimming a good bit, so, of course, she's walking barefoot around the pool, which has, in turn, made her feet peel a little. Well, tonight we were sitting on the couch, and she kept rubbing my leg with her feet, and I finally just couldn't take it - I said "Abby, quit rubbing my legs - your feet feel all crusty and stuff." She said "Yeah, it's because I eat pizza and watermelon everyday!"

Allie is six months old now. We have fed her rice cereal for the first time the other night and she doesn't seem to like it much. Can't tell if it's the texture or just the taste, but she gets all excited about eating it, then cries because she doesn't want it. Also, she has been sitting on her own a lot more, and its sooo sweet! She'll eventually fall over and cry, but as long as we put her back into the sitting position, she's fine.
Big girl, sitting up on her own!

She plays peek-a-boo alll the time now, too. She'll actually pull the blanket or whatever over her head, and wait until we say something, like "where's allie??" then she'll slowly pull it down until she can see us, then she seems to jerk it really quick with a HUGE smile on her face. :) Love it! She seems to be doing a little better as far as fussiness goes. YAY!!! We go back to the GI specialist tomorrow, so we'll see what he says about her little belly, and we'll see how big she is now. Both of my girls are sooo sweet, and I love them sooo much!
Oh, did I mention she LOVES to suck on her toes?!?!  :)

Ready to eat!!!
First bites at cereal.  Like it??
Yeah, not so much.

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