Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Allie Noel

My sweet little Allie-bug.
You are growing so fast!  Too fast!  You are almost 8 months old, and I simply cannot believe it!
I cannot leave you alone in your swing because you decide to sit straight up.

I can no longer leave you unattended in your bouncer seat - because you literally try to turn and twist until you are falling out - only left because your legs cannot escape the buckles on the strap ... yet.
I now cannot leave you alone for very long in your Bumbo seat - you literally will flip out of it.
You do not crawl yet, but you roll, and roll, and roll.  You will try to climb up the entertainment center, or the legs of the coffee table, using your little legs.  You like to get into Abby's princesses.  And you LOVE paper.  We've had to scrape it out of your mouth - oh, and stickers too!  :)

First 4th of July
We went to Stone Mountain with Uncle Daniel and Aunt Ashley.  A lot of people from church were there too, like Patty and Jon, the Raines, and Matt, Alisha, and Cassy.
You were not scared of the fireworks, but toward the end, you would put your hands over your ears each time one went off.  You never cried during the laser show either.  Finally you fell asleep on my shoulder.

You are soo pretty!  Just as pretty as your big sister.  You get into things more than she did.  You don't cooperate very well when we change your diaper or clothes..., you don't like it when I put a headband/bow on your head - you try to pull it off.  You will laugh at the silliest little things, but it is the sweetest sound in the world.  You like to "love" on us - you give big, open mouth kisses and say aaahhhh.... 

First time sitting in your high chair - which you don't care to do very much, unless there are fruit puffs on the tray (which you love) - by the way - you like to eat - esp. orange veggies - carrots, squash, sweet potatoes are your favorite.  Bananas are your favorite fruit right now. All others, we have to fight with you a little to get you to eat them. 

You play peek-a-boo all by yourself, and it is the CUTEST thing when you take down the cloth or blanket - and you look up with those big blue eyes, and smile...

You LOVE your big sister, Abby.  And she really loves you too.

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