Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Abby Grace

My sweet Abby Gracie.  :)
She is so funny and so full of joy.  She makes us laugh every single day, and sometimes scream, and sometimes even cry...
She will not cooperate for pictures lately, which of course drives me nuts!  You know me and pictures...
She went to her very first Braves Game with Daddy and Uncle Daniel, and Grandpa.
She LOVED it - came home tommahawk choppin.
Ben said she did good, other than having to use the bathroom 4 times, (which I told him, she was just bored, and wanted to get up and walk around).
She LOVES to watch "go dawgs" football, baseball, and hunting with her daddy.
She is definately a Daddy's girl right now.

She is also allllll about dance and gymnastics lately.  She started Dance at Kidz In Step this summer, and just a couple of weeks ago, we added gymnastics as well.  She still has her best friend Kailey in her class so they have the BEST time together.  :)
See them below holding hands running around the group - Kailey didn't want to do it by herself, so Abby offered to run with her...
Abby, giving me one of those looks, with Kailey sitting right in front of her

And here is Miss Priss - shaking her thang - totally checking herself out in the mirror....

I havent' been allowed to take pictures in gymnastics yet, but of course I will - one day.  :)

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